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How much can I get for my P2V+

Jul 2, 2014
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Hong Kong
Hi guys, just ordered the Inspire 1 and want to get rid of my Phantom gear which includes the following:

- The P2V+ (perfect condition)
- 2 Chargers + 2 remotes
- 4 batteries
- 1 Tradecraft case
- 3 sets of props

Want to get your thoughts on the fair market price for such a kit. What would you think makes sense
Good lLuck [emoji1]

Sent by Tapatalk Edit / Hard to try and reply with phone :( Only thing about putting on e-bay is ya gonna have to put you don't take returns or give them 14 days to check it out. That is a good thing if ya are buying so ya don't get rooked but maybe not so good if you are selling something like a P2V+ or other uav as they could mess it up in those 14 days and say it came that way :rolleyes: You might have known this but just thought I would add :)
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I don't know how much you might get but I would want to know how many flights it's done and how old the batteries are and the approximate flights per battery.
The unit was purchased in August 2014 so it's practically new. The batteries were also purchased in August & September 2014 and since I had 5 batteries in total, I was rotating them. The maximum times they were charged is probably around 6-8 times each.

So really it's almost like buying a brand new unit.

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