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How to expose correctly if D-Log is fixed to ISO500 !!??

Jan 18, 2016
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For any Log gama to work correctly picture HAS TO BE EXPOSED CORRECTLY. While you can make picture darker by using ND filters, you can not make it brighter - therefore ALL CAMERAS that I ever used (Sony A7, FS5, FS7, Panasonic GH4 and GH5, all Canons etc) have ISO RANGE in Log profile FROM NATIVE ISO of camera UP TO ANY HIGHER ISO. If we look at GH5 as example, as it has same sensor as X5S, it's V-Log L range is ISO400-ISO6400 (while in regular non-log picture profiles you can set down to ISO200)...
Camera native ISO is one with best dynamic range and least noise - according to all graphs at DJI website for X5S it is ISO100 (sam as for X5)

WHY anyone at DJI thought that would be wise to set D-Log at FIXED ISO500 (as they did in latest I2 firmware)!!?? Is there any official explanation? I remind you that for any log gamma to work correctly picture has to be exposed correctly - underexposed image suffer greatly in log, therefore slight overexposure or Expose-to-the-right is preferred. As I2 is aerial platform for scenes that can not be lit by artificial light - how can I achieve slight overexposure with fixed ISO!??

Is there any way to shoot ProRes in D-Log at ISO640, 800, 1000 or 1600!?

Any ideas how to expose correctly (at dusk, dawn, not underexpose)?

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