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How to get telemetry post flight?

Jul 11, 2016
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Hi Guys, i was hoping somebody may be able to help me with this. I recently did a job for a client who asked me to get a particular shot for them, which i did. They now need to know my exact altitude throughout the flight. its a simple rise and pull back so staring altitude and finishing altitude along with speed is required. However they didn't ask for this info at the time of shooting so other that sticking to the rules of distance and altitude i made no other notes, my flight log doesn't give me the relevant info. How do I find this info? is there a way of exporting it with the movie file etc?? Any help greatly appreciated!
You can probably replay the flight log in your mobile device and figure it out.

The metadata is only available on video if you enable "Video caption" and keep the resulting .srt file next to the original video file.
Exactly click on the aircraft icon top left of the app home screen , click the flight you want the info on then click the play button all the info will be replayed just as when you made the flight , height , speed , distance etc...
Thanks, I managed to get that. So how do I then get that info to my client? I have sent a video of the flight but is there a way I can send the actual thing. Can I connect to iTunes and download it??
It's really not meant for it, but yes you should be able to extract a bunch of .txt files from iTunes. They're a proprietary DJI format, but there are online converters to make them into a Google earth track, a little search should get you more info.

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