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If you are considering a P4P...

Dec 11, 2015
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A week ago I was working a construction project with a brand new P4P. I launched the aircraft manually in GPS mode to a planned 100 feet altitude, The A/C passed 100, tried to reduce throttle, continued to well over 200 feet, began to fly north, stick commands (direction & throttle) were inoperative, activated RTH, A/C returned to overhead launch site but would not descend, turned controller off for 5 seconds, turned back on , not change, went to manual mode (atti) A/C drifted north still climbing, lost sight, came down and crashed.

Flight record shows multiple ESC errors. My dealer shipped it back to DJI,

DJI'S response:
For your case CAS-2313770-X8X3K6, we have finished the analysis, and the result is as follows:

The aircraft was in P-GPS mode and was responsive to pilot command. P mode : P-mode works best when GPS signal is strong. The aircraft utilizes GPS and the vison system to locate itself, stabilize, and navigate between obstacles.

At t=02:55s, relative height=63m, flight log cuts off. Pilot commanded roll right while unit is landing. Aircraft flight log cut off, pilot turns off app.

According to the analysis, the incident was not caused by any product malfunction factors. As such, we could not provide warranty service.We can still proceed with the repairs however, you need to cover the repair fees.

We will have our quotation team to follow up on your case soon.

Your understanding and cooperation will be highly

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for
your support.
My response:
Your facts are incorrect. I have been flying DJI products for 4 years (150 hours in quads, hexa and VTOL) and am well aware of their operation. The drone was NOT under control and dropped straight down from 200 feet. The drone acted like it had no awareness of it’s altitude and went into landing mode at 200 feet. This was not pilot error but a defect on a brand new product. I can read a flight record and this drone was not under my control within a minute from take off. The altitude reading clearly show a problem with the barometer. I know you can see the -0- altitude readings during the first phase of the flight.
To refuse to honor a warranty on a $1,500 product is outrageous.
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