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IMU calibration after new battery?

Jul 4, 2015
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I calibrated my IMU with a level several weeks ago. I had recently ordered a new battery. I put it in and the pilot app showed that our needed a firmware update and a battery update. I sort of assumed that it was just a battery update. Unfortunately I had deleted the .bin file from the card. I reloaded it from the website and proceeded to update the aircraft with the new battery in it. The update went well. I'm not sure if it just updated the battery or the craft also. I did another IMU calibration but I'm not sure if I wasted my time. Is it normally necessary to re-calibrate the IMU after this? I don't want to seem like an idiot, but i hate assuming with a 3K craft and I'm just gathering information.
According to what I've read here and what I'll practice, you only have to do a IMU calibration after a firmware update to the I1. The new battery will get the firmware update from your I1 if you left the .bin file on your card which has been the recommendation. As soon as you put in the battery, the firmware on the battery would get updated. Just make sure you check your sensors before you take off. I do that prior to each take-off....better safe than sorry.
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Thanks. I left the file on the small micro sd that came with the bird. I'll keep that as a practice. I plan to get a few more batteries. Thanks for the information!
Each battery must be separately upgraded with the firmware on the SD card and it will go thru its little do-op sound dance.....I have 8 batteries...wasn't arduous. One would think however that the IMU shouldn't be a zillion drill downs to find it....I've been experimenting with braking and attitude settings by the way....DJI folks seem to recommend 70/71 Others say that's a bit mushy...depends on your style and wind conditions....as you want firm crisp response in tight areas or wind...I have settled on 90/90 right now....tho my videographer likes 80/80 but we've only flown in really calm wind....so we'll see.

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