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In flight failure safety - redundancy

Oct 29, 2014
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San Francisco
I had a big issue regarding Inspire 1. Because I thought that quadcopters are inherently unsafe.
If one motor/ESC/prop fails you are going down like a rock.
You are losing your 3000$ investment and you can kill someone.

This is why hexacopters and octocopters are better, they can totally survive such failure and even continue flying normally.
Like this video shows:

Now consider Inspire 1 again, I said I had a big issue because of only four motors. I still have that issue.
But look what can be done. And it is only a matter of software programming. DJI MUST IMPLEMENT THIS:

Indoor test:

Outdoor test(MUST SEE):

Not only a safe landing is possible, but a continuation of flight with control!
Not implementing this I think should be considered amoral.
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So. Old thread and I saw another one at DJI forum just as old. Has anything been done to develop this on current Quads like the Inspire 1? I haven't heard of anything like this, just some future promise of a parachute.
That only works on light machines with a LOT of excess power, controlled balance and no payload. As soon as you add a payload like a camera not only would there likely not be enough power, but most importantly everything would be shredded to bits once it starts spinning.
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