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White noise dots and spots in images and video

Sep 15, 2022
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Hi all,

Have just purchased my first inspire 2 with an x5s sensor and stock lens. Having bought it second hand I took it up for a test run and whilst the operation and downlink imagery are fine, when I come to review imagery from the SD card on my device all the imagery and video have what I can only describe as matrix style lines and “white noise”. My knee jerk reaction is an issue with the sensor but if anyone has come across this before and knows how to deal with it I’d be great full for some advice.
What you describe is not normal, as I'm sure you know. Post a sample DNG if want further confirmation. Sounds like something is wrong with the X5S. Can't say if its the sensor itself, or something else. I'm sure DJI would be happy to diagnose and repair/replace. Good luck!
So here’s an example of what I’m trying to describe.


  • 17AAAC9A-74F0-4051-9A3B-1D6BDA665FD0.jpeg
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Well, I wouldn't describe those artifacts as white noise, but they are definitely not normal. The artifacts that are most obvious to me are in the the seemingly blown out areas at/near the sun, and in small areas within the dark foreground that might have been blown out due to lens flare or lit up lens dirt, all of which are manifest as vertically aligned incorrect pixels. If you shot this image directly in jpeg format, there is a slight chance that these artifacts were introduced in the cameras jpg conversion process. So, if you have not done so already, you might try shooting in DNG (Raw) format. But most likely you've got a hardware issue here. Again, good luck!
I have seen and have had that issue before. Most likely the vibration isolation mount has a defect. Read some of these threads.

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