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Inspire 1 caught fire while in transit in plain.

Dec 11, 2013
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Google translate:
An overheated battery of a drone last Sunday caught fire in a KLM aircraft. In the plane was the TV cook Herman den Blijker and presenter Martijn Krabbé. The Television personalities were on their way to Bangkok. Just before landing there was smoke from a luggage rack.

It's a Dutch article, so use google translate to read it in English (if needed)!
Translated article: http://e2b.org/jp
Original (Dutch) article: http://e2b.org/jq
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Judging strictly from the photo, it appears that the owner left a battery seated in the aircraft and that's where the fire started.
So I wonder if this is likely to happen sitting at home maybe in the middle of the night.
This is why i'll never understand seeing people transport their I1 with the batteries in the bird! I have always thought this was a BAD idea!!! : (
now it's bad publicity! does anyone know who the owner is and if he is on this forum? maybe we could get some more details, etc...???
It was owned by a Dutch TV producer. I'll post more info when I have it.
I do prepare the I1 and case for the transport in the airplane.
Lipos almost empty and in Lipo bags
No Lipo in the I1
Gaffa tape over the contacts
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