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Inspire 1 CoG Tips & Hints

Apr 16, 2018
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Hi all, new Inspire 1 v2.0 Pro owner here from Down Under, and new forum member first time posting, with a desire to get the most out of my new (to me) rig. *Apologies for not using the new members intro. protocol. ;)

While spending the whole weekend online looking at mods, accessories, and performance "add-ons", i got interested in the extra battery mod (sheesh, that's 7-10hrs i'll never get back lol) and, coming from a hobbyist side of this industry (FBL Heli's), the issue of CoG (Center of Gravity) keeps niggling at my mind.

So, the essence of this post (finally A.U.S. ...geeo_O ) is to ask fellow pilots/tinkerers/modders etc..

What repeatable device (like blade balancers, slings, jigs, pivot/balance beams etc) or methodology do you all use to achieve the best balance (fully loaded V2 Pro w/X5 &/or Z3, dual external batteries, Night light [*as required, not nominal*] etc) for a near perfect CoG?

With heli's it's a no brainer, add accessories, grab heli at rotor, lift and see if it tilts, if so determine new position, adjust, wash, rinse, repeat till your happy...easy peasey, but what the heck do you do with a H frame to get the same result? I have had a bit of a surf online, but not much being revealed.

*NB: I am after CoG NOT CoM (Center of Mass). Just to head off any confusion that may occur.

May not matter so much for some, but i enjoy flying in atti mode as i like the marble on a dinner plate chase..plus it's closer to 'real flight' of regular aircraft (imo), and it's just fun. I also enjoy the regimen of total stable flight when im 'working' on a good video/photo shoot and so yes, i do appreciate GPS as much as the next.

Please share your rigs/templates/method and where possible share pics so that other newbs to this air-frame like me, can do the Inspire proud and in return, obtain excellent results. :cool: :D


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