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Inspire 1 Crash protection

Jul 4, 2014
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Somerset West, South Africa
I am just wondering - What happens to the Inspire 1 landing gear when the craft develops some kind of technical problem and falls from the sky?
I think the landing gear will be too slow to come down and protect the craft from damage at that speed.

Secondly - buy-buy camera for sure. No protection there as far as I can see.

Hopefully the Inspire 1 will NEVER fall from the sky or develop technical difficulties!
Therefore the camera is designed to be easily exchanged. In the live Q&A session by Eric earlier, he mentioned there is no plan at this stage for different camera offers. It's the market naturally think that there will be because the camera is so easily removed.
True I was wondering about the lack of camera protection myself. It seems very lonely hanging there!! On the flip side, the screw in filters and accessories sure to come make it a very interesting platform. Cant wait for the deliveries to start and the user feedback to really evaluate this rig. Interesting. I'm sill waiting on the side lines and flying the PTV2+
I think it's the same as with any craft with retracts. The camera and gimbal will be vulnerable, but hard crashes would likely end up breaking your retracts and gimbal both....
well i had my first birdstrike today on a job... dropped from about 45 feet landed right on gimbal x-3 One leg moves freely and the camera and Gimbal even with a bend still preform astoundingly well.
I am waiting to make my ins. claim... Just goes to show you with all the planning in the world Sh*(! happens.
I am now flying a black edition until the craft is fixed

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