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Inspire 1 for sale Netherlands

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by RemcoNL, May 14, 2016.

  1. RemcoNL

    May 16, 2015
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    Amsterdam The Netherlands
    DJI Inspire 1, complete, with:
    - INSPIRE 1, may 2015,
    original case (1 of the 2 zippers problem, the other one fine),
    4k camera, Zenmuse X3,
    1 x original TB 47 Lipo Accu,
    2 x orginal TB 48 Lipo Accu,
    1 x acculader voor TB47 en TB48,
    1 x remote controller, extenden with FPVLR kit for more stable and further signal
    1 x remote controller, for using camera controller,
    1 x remote controller chord,
    set of 4 original new quick-release props

    Toebehoren, extensions:
    - backpack strap, met uitstekend draagcomfort,
    - LowePro Inverse 100AW beltpack voor 1 remote controller incl. FPVLR kit aangesloten,
    - Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Video Glasses met HDMI kabel voor First Person View vanuit cockpit,
    - Hoodivision PatHat voor iPad Air formaat,
    - Droneland Heli Pad 150x150
    - filterset ND8, ND16 en ND32
    - Lipo Battery Heater,
    - 3 x Lipo Bags ter bescherming van de accu's,
    - 3 x set Battery Insulation stickers (new)
    - Micro SD card, Lexar 16GB,
    - Micro SD card, SanDisk Extreme Plus, 32GB,
    - Micro SD-SD adapter,
    - PhotoFast Micro SD reader connectie iPhone/Pad lightning

    Not included:
    Ipad Air

    Condition: exellent
    - firmware van Inspire en camera is volledig up to date.
    - total flighttime 27 uur, en 219 km,
    - one time crash (alleen 1 breuk carbon fiber legs), professionally repared and checked Droneland

    Price start around 1.850,- euro, for the highest bid, check for photo's and information at:
  2. huppe

    Jan 11, 2015
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    Yeah I guess that flying in the Netherlands won't be any fun within a few months.
    I also consider to sell my Inspire too.
    Good luck Remco
  3. RemcoNL

    May 16, 2015
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    Amsterdam The Netherlands
    Yep you are right, and I'm living right in the CTR of Schiphol, therefore it was more or less permitted to fly nearby (as a hobby and of course out of the range of 3 kilometers from Schiphol). But times are changing. There is also a negative sentiment for flying anywhere...........
    What a pity, I always liked your work! Good luck Huppe to you too.