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Inspire 1 pro crash ! Help need advice.

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Help' started by Chrono72000, May 3, 2016.

  1. Chrono72000

    Mar 20, 2016
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    Portland Oregon
    So My inspire 1 pro crashed. Imo not a very hard crash, only broke one prop, the carbon fiber arms are fine, but a crash none the less.

    So I send it to dji...

    Well today I got my repair invoice.

    http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x367/crono777/Mobile Uploads/image_zpspqt9kowd.jpeg

    The pic of the invoice and damage is in the album of that link.
    ( sorry had a hard time trying to get anything to upload.)

    I don't think the crash was my fault signal was lost multiple times ( this happened on my 3rd battery of the day. compass was calibrated everything checked to be good ) and drone was unreposive before crash. Anyway I was just going to eat it and pay just so I can get back in the air asap.

    Until I see the 1684.00$ repair bill.
    1244.00$$ of that being for zenmuse x5 camera component?

    Imo the camera should be fine it didn't hit anything hard only the nose cone of the drone did.

    So I want to know what you guys think from looking at the damage in the pics.

    Can I have them fix everything but the x5 camera component?
    Is this the camera itself or the gimbal?
    Has anyone else crashed hard with the x5 on and reused it??

    I can't afford to pay that Price. After I just gave them 5 grand.
    I'm screwed.
    Any help or advice is much appreciated.
    Thanks !

    Also when I can find the link. There's a guy on here, who had an identical experience as I did when he crashed his inspire and DJI fixed his for free. ( warranty )
    What's the difference? I even had a witness testimony, saying that the drone was irresponsive.

    I really hope DJI makes this right.
  2. VisualChaos

    Jan 21, 2016
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    Crawley Down
    That seems reasonable given the amount of repair needed? Your gimbal is toast and that is £1500 (dollars ?) on its own, it's not the camera, but camera and gimbal is effectively one and the same. You could buy a new one and keep your broken one for parts or sell parts to get some back. I don't think that just because you lost connection instantly equals DJI at fault as there could be loads of reasons why that could have happened. However, a lost connection should activate a hover or RTH depending on what you have set? Was it RTH and crashed into something? Still, moan about it and send them the black box data and if it was a hardware failure they may still change it for free. In any event all they will do is swap the gimbal for a new one in my experience with a crash that broke my gimbal. To be honest, it looks to me a hard crash with plenty of damage and may be some you haven't seen.... Worth just paying and getting it done imho.... Not what you want to hear I guess :(
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  3. fei8820

    May 22, 2015
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    erm.... that price are reasonable .. gimbal are pretty expensive and the camera.. as for me it look like a hard crash... signal lost u shall check the RTH attitude for higher ground.. or u shall get the FPVLR antenna at the 1st place....