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Inspire 1 video FILMED FROM THE SKY

The best Inspire video I have seen so far. congratulation
I thing you have inspired so many inspire pilots .
Thanks guys! It was an edgy idea I had and glad yall vibed it. I edited this in premiere pro and after effects with magic bullet and filmconvert plugins.
nicely done mate.
worth the risk you took
one of the best video's I have seen on the Inspire 1
I could watch it over and over again.
great video, very nice effects and well put together....................
Hi guys, I made this inspire 1 video with a different approach. Filmed from the air with a P2. Took some risk to get these shots, but it was well worth it. Check it out!!
Great video, oozing with style, and love the location. (I live just a bit north in Round Rock)

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