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Inspire 2 mapping-problems after Firmware Update .0300 !

Aug 15, 2019
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The problem: Inspire 2 skips photos with mapping flights

Our DJI Inspire 2 with X7 skips foto’s while performing mapping flights via Dronedeploy, Pix4d and DJI GS pro (see attached pictures). As a result, the Inspire 2 is missing much photo’s!!!
We only use the fastest Micro SD’s and checked 3 different Inspire 2’s. The problem for all 3 is just the same.
We have to conclude that the Inspire 2 in combination with the X7 can no longer be used for mapping after the October 20 update!

BUT…..How does it work with your Inspire 2 drones and how do you deal with this?

Attachment: screen capture before and after the update.

Before the update (v.01.02.0300) 15-10-2018
Overlap foto's inspire 2 Rietvelden.jpg

After the update (v.01.02.0300) 15-10-2018:
Overlap foto's inspire 2 15-08-2019.jpg
What speed are you flying when mapping? I'm also on the latest. .300 firmware but flying with Maps Made Easy & don't have any issues
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I have downloaded, bought and tried out maps made easy, surprisingly, it works! Thanks for the tip!

We have also tried all the possible settings with the other programs. Normally we fly at 4m/s to get the best result.
I find it very strange that Maps Made Easy is literally the only program available where you can do mapping flights with the inspire 2, All the normal options have the same issue, skipping foto's (DroneDeploy, Pix4D, DJI Groundstation Pro).
I definitely want to address this with dronedeploy and DJI.

Are there other pilots where these programs work without problems?
That's slow, I normally fly between 7.6m/sec and 11m/sec at bigger areas. The only issue I have with MME lately is just before starting the mission, the camera goes into fpv mode, so the camera moves with the I2. To solved that, Ive programmed C1 and C2 to "Gimbal follow / Free Mode" and "Gimbal Yaw Reset", that way I'm manually correcting the issue. Sometimes, halfway through the flight the images will become whiter / over exposed, then I have to pause the mission, take a few images with the dji app and continue - maybe there's something wrong with my cameras shutter that's getting stuck, so I have ordered another x4s, will see how it goes.
I haven't had those problems yet. What strikes me in MME is that as soon as I start a flight the camera is set at the 90 degree angle, while the drone is still on the ground. This causes the camera to scrape over the ground when taking off. When landing, I have to put the camera forward manually otherwise it will land on the camera.
That's correct & personally I like it that way, especially when doing multiple flights, I clearly have that black reference shot between the flights because I'm launching from my Inspires travel case lid & catch it on landing because I don't like dust/sand in my gear. You should try it... :)
A while ago we abandoned catching the drone after a flight, we often had some compass problems after the catch. We usually take off from some any kind of pavement nearby, so we don't really have any dust.

Is there a possibility to plan a flight in advance with MME (from the computer)?
That is actually the reason that we mainly use DroneDeploy for all other drones, we plan all flights from our office.
Unfortunately not on a Desktop computer but I plan all my flights before the job ony ipad. I mail the area polygon (if it's a new development area) to myself, I open it in MME, plan the whole flight (Height, overlap, speed etc etc) and on the mapping day I only open the job created and fly. I love that MME has Terrain awareness & shows me everything to know.
MME is a very good for mapping and also 3D models, I had loads of problems at the start it was my configurations not the software. The support is almost instant, I had that problem with camera hitting the deck, tried to purchase x4s nobody seem to have one for sell as they stopped making them, so I opted for a p4p that I just use for mapping, it has a x4s camera and has very pleasing results and when it comes in for a battery change I only need replace one instead of two. I use a ipad aswell, you don't even need a internet connection.

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