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Inspire Impressions

May 26, 2015
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Longview, TX
We have had our Inspire 1 for almost two months now. I have had many flights in that time period. We had the original Phantom, accessorized by DSLRPros but crashed it on a very windy day. So, here are my impressions so far using this amazing tool. It seems to work very well. All but one flight has been uneventful. Last week was my first scare. I went through all the safety checks, calibrations, etc. and tried to launch next to a commercial dock facility by a river. My Inspire started going crazy with no control but I was only a couple of feet off the ground and managed to get it down safely with no damage. The exact same thing happened to another guy at the dock shooting video with the Yuneec Q500. So, we figured we were getting some kind of interference. We moved across the facility to grass, both relaunched and had no problems the rest of the day. Hmmmmm!?!

Video from the camera looks great. I shoot with all manual settings and the DJI ND filter. I hope to upgrade to a stronger ND so I can get my shutter closer to 1/60. The batteries (we have 3) have been good. I get at least 16-18 minutes flying time or more and I shoot video almost the entire time. I usually land shortly after a 30% battery warning. I rarely go higher than 200' and normally fly well under 100'. I use an iPhone 6. It's too small but works. We hope to get an iPad soon. I made my own sunshield for the phone but will buy one when we get an iPad. I could not fly in the bright Texas weather without one.

Overall we love our I1. It's been a valuable tool in our video production arsenal. I look forward to future firmware upgrades and maybe hardware add-ons. Gentlemen, ladies, what do you think?
Hey Dave! !
Glad you're enjoying your i1!!
Make sure and use a screen recoding device and a gps locator every time you fly..
I believe we would get down to the root issues much quicker if we all used screen recoding devices...
there's no way to watch your i1 and your screen at the same time especially when it's malfunctioning. ..
I'm looking forward to a camera with a zoom..
Welcome to inspirepilots.com. ..
happy flying. .
turbo. ..

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