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Inspire Pilots broken with Tapatalk

There are some changes coming down the pipeline for the forum not unlike PhantomPilots.com. I will see if we can correct the current TapTalk issue.
We were updating tapatalk to the most recent version. It is fixed now.
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Have stopped using TT several months ago because of multiple issues like this and others that it had with multiple other forums that I visit.
As far as I know its still live. Can someone confirm this?
No issue here, using it every day.

BUT I just tried seaching for "inspirepilots" and it finds phantompilots instead. You might have screwed something when changing the forum and it somehow merged both or lost info about one. I had it in my subscribed forums long before, so it seems the problem is just to find/add it to your subscripttions, not accessing it if it's in already in there.
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