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Ipad overheating with intelligent flight options

Nov 13, 2013
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Little Rock, AR
Got a new Ipad 2 Air with everything updated to current & using the waypoint tools within the IOS app & the such. I got a message from the IOS stating it needed to cool down before I could continue using the Ipad.

Anyone else overheating with new firmware? I've never had it come up before, however it's a new Ipad so it could just be the tablet itself...

I have an iPad Mini 2 and experienced some overheating related issues when I was flying today. I had my iPad in a rubber case, it was 85 degrees out, and I was standing in direct sun light. After removing the case and standing in the shade, it cooled down and everything was back to normal.

Here are some other tips to ensure your iPad is running as efficiently as possible:
HOW TO: Optimize Apple device for the best DJI Pilot app performance | DJI Phantom Forum
Thank you, never seen that checklist before. I've been doing most of them except the video & map caching. Gotta get a sunshade or make one that'll actually work..

mine overheats in approx 5 - 10 mins, its a mini 3.
I have to sit in the car with the AC on in order to stop it overheating, I am designing a cooler for it as we speak that will hopefully let me go outside for more than five mins, I would be happy with 11, as I land at 10 normally.
Okay with the Ipad setup as recommended & caching disabled, I'm still noticing the Ipad 2 Air being very hot, although it hasn't brought up the overtemp screen it's has to be pretty close. Thinking about a heatsink silicone gel that you can stick on the back casing since it uses the frame as a heatsink. This is the same thing as those cooling gels you stick on a kids forehead for fever. Cheap insurance to prevent the ipad from shutting down while in flight for now.

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