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  1. S

    iPad compatibality with DJI GO App.

    Hello fellow aviators. I have a DJI I1 RAW and I am looking to purchase a tablet for it in this holiday season. I wanted to know if iPad 10th Gen is compatible with the DJI Go app. Does it work well? Any know issues with the software on that hardware? Update: It has been a month and I have...
  2. M

    Monitor for Inspire 2 (Crystalsky alternatives)

    Hello, I just bought an inspire 2 and would like to buy a monitor for it, I would love to buy the CS Ultra Bright but it is to **** expensive and there are no used ones where I live, What would be the best option for me? -DJI CS 5.5 -IPad Pro -Using an external monitor like a freeworld...
  3. Phil-RCGeeks

    Can you operate the gimbal using the Gyro in a tablet?

    Same idea as the Freefly Mimic - But is there a way to do it for the DJI Inspire 2? Does anybody know a way to control you X5S using the Gyro in an iPad? So for example as you tilt the iPad, the camera will tilt etc. I'm assuming there might be a VR app that allows this? I have an upcoming...
  4. R

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A vs iPad

    I'm looking at buying a Samsung Tab A to be used by the camera op and slave controller. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with these devices? I fly the Inspire 2 with an iPad mini so there would be a cross of apple and android devices being used at the same time if that could also be...
  5. D

    iPad Pro cellular vs wifi only

    Hi all, What are the pros/cons of getting an iPad Pro with cellular vs wifi only? I hear that the cellular version has gps built in. If I get the cellular version, I don't plan on using a sim for it, might want it for the GPS chip. Regarding GPS and loading maps, Would using my iPhone 6 + as...
  6. heygeorge

    Ipad inaccuracies

    I just bought a new Ipod pro for use with my inspire and Autopilot. I noticed that when I use google maps, it's about 125 feet off on the location. At first didn't think much of it until I tried to set up a waypoint flight. The entire flight was off and the shots were useless. Does anyone...
  7. H

    Used Inspire Pro x5 Dual remote package

    Used Inspire Pro x5 package Asking $2,800 shipped. 2 controllers 1 TB47 and 2 TB48 batteries charger Lanyard 2 sets of props (4 used, 4 new sealed) **extras below also unless sold prior separately** 6 sets of 1345T Quick Release Props NIB 4 sets of Quick Release Install Kit NIB NO crashes...
  8. TXPilot

    Screen Glitch in DJI Go App

    When dual operating Inspire 1 Pro, my video feed on the camera operator's control keeps freezing up, turning green, and glitching. The pilot's video feed is normal, the malfunction is only on the camera operator's controller. This has happened with 3 different iPad minis and 3 different...
  9. isaias

    RC does not charge my phone...

    Hello pilot fellows! wanted to share a topic I haven´t found so far in this forum (sorry if it is alrady and I didn´t see it... The issue now with my Inspire 1 Pro is the the RC will not charge my iphone nor ipad, it actually gets charged from the devices killing the battery of either iphone or...
  10. dronie

    Comparison of glare - iPad Air, Pro 9.7 & 12.9

    Compared glare and brightness on iPad Air (left), iPad Pro 9.7" (middle) and 12.9" (right). It's hard to see on a photo, but brightness on the two Pro models is, and looks, a little bit brighter. Not a very big, difference, but definitely noticeable. Glare is the biggest difference. As you can...
  11. S

    Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Heavy Hitting Production Kit!

    I have an absolutely prime condition Inspire 1 Pro / X5 Full Tilt Production Kit for sale. Craft, Camera, Filters, 3 - 64 gb cards, 3 Controllers (one never used) 10 batteries, 2 iPad Mini's, Smart Power Charger System + Four 180w chargers (can charge 8 batteries, 2 controllers and 2 tablets in...
  12. D

    Happy with DJI Assistance

    Have only just downloaded and installed the latest firmware update. No problems with any of the previous updates so confident with the process. The I1 made all the right noises and did a second battery, again with all the right noises. However once I tried to start up the I1 and the app, the app...
  13. Ascender

    Anyone using the Secraft TX tray - and a sunshade?

    I've got my iPad Air 2 set up on the Secraft Inspire TX tray with the SE mobile grip L and the double neck strap. And I cannot find a sunshade configuration that works for me. (I'm also using a LifeProof nuud case, but can't get a working combo with our without). Does anyone have a winning...
  14. Having fun while charging

    Having fun while charging

    Nikon 5300
  15. Stacy Cobb

    Flying with the UltraShade 2 and the DJI Inspire 1

    Flying with the Collapsable, Rigid and Adjustable UltraShade from AerialDroneAccessories.com.
  16. Stacy Cobb

    Breaking down our sunshades for Professional Drone Pilots and Aerial DOP's

    Hey guys just created a video that explains our line of Sunshades and helps you figure out what would be right for your needs. Check out all our shades and drone accessories at www.aerialdroneaccessories.com.
  17. Wormwood

    Ipad overheating with intelligent flight options

    Got a new Ipad 2 Air with everything updated to current & using the waypoint tools within the IOS app & the such. I got a message from the IOS stating it needed to cool down before I could continue using the Ipad. Anyone else overheating with new firmware? I've never had it come up before...