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is this the new inspire one camera

It would be very exciting if there was a DJI inspire gimbal mount for 3rd party cameras like the new blackmagic micro
What would be really nice is if the firmware on the existing camera could be updated to offer some more options, maybe some better fps on the existing resolutions? It would be nice to do this before we have to shell out more money on a new camera.

@blade strike - can you give us any indication if this is coming in the near future?
Or tone done the default sharpness a touch and have less of a jump between increments!
no 4k ...no thermal...WHINERS...what do you expect out of this machine?...everything? Go buy a Ronin and put a RED or a ALEXA or a FLIR on it and stop bitchin...
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All the supposed bitching and whining aside, does anybody have issues with the stock camera where the output footage has an inconsistent horizon line, where is not straight, more like 'S' shaped?
That's the characteristic of the lens, yep.
You only see it if the horizon is very near the top/bottom. For photos there are correction profiles available for Adobe software.

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