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Italy by Drone - The GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY! #1- 5K HD Video

Apr 30, 2017
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Zoning * is clearly not a common practice in most of Italy. Unfortunately you can find all sort of horrors right next to one another: a factory next to a castle, next to a crumbling building from the '70s, next to a dump and a park. These videos are just a few examples of how one of the most beautiful countries in the World is careless when it comes to order self esteem, a desire for self preservation and pride. It's tissue is clearly becoming an industrial ruin.
Not all regions are the same. For example Piemonte seems to be more sensitive than Lombardia when it comes to beauty and order and the list goes on and on.
Italy is also littered with small villages that look more like ghost towns from the '50s and it's painful to see such misery outside the few big cities like Milan, Florence, Rome or Venice. It seems that Olivetti's idea of a perfect society went lost (The Ivrea's area is in shambles as well): preserving the rural tissue of country, while offering new technological jobs and higher education for everyone has become a thing of the past. Italy went from excellence to a near disaster in less than 40 years. Overcrowded highways with their absurd toll booths, which have fewer and fewer exits are often cutting off entire areas of the country. People explore less and less the inner land, which is often at the heart of Italy's miracle years (1950s to 1970s). Get out those autobahns and you can see all that is wrong with Italy today. Years of idiotic economic policies devised by a few crooks and ignorant politicians led to the inevitable ongoing disaster. The heart and brain of Italy are still alive, but the rest of the body is shutting down cell by cell, organ by organ and only few seem to care, while most are powerless. There's a good portion of Italy that is packed with amazing locations and they are up for grabs, for pennies on the dollar, ready to be restored by the occasional foreigner that historically appreciates history and beauty. Brands and industries, the good ones, have been purchased by financial brainless sharks, while entire governments stood by in contempt. These are dark times for the country and a clear vision for the future is badly needed. Political ignorance and not only that, needs to be cured as soon as possible. Italy needs lots of love, vision, like for example the slow food movement. Italy needs less soccer and more ideas, less Goldman Sachs and more sustainable farming, less Facebook and more books, less trash tv and more culture.

*Areas of land are divided by appropriate authorities into zones within which various uses are permitted. Thus, zoning is a technique of land-use planning as a tool of urban planning used by local governments in most developed countries.

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