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Just open Inspire and need help!!!!

May 28, 2015
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Just recieved My Inspire today and spent the day charging and then updated the firmware. Then after powering the quad down and starting it back up says Compass error and wont let me do anything wont even go into travel mode.... ANY Suggestions PLEASE help tried to call support and got well you have to send it back and wait 6 weeks I haven't even put to props on the darn thing UGH!!!!!
Ok did you have it near any heavy metal surfaces? I can power mine up on my bed and the bed frame makes the compass go nuts!
Did you check the text file on the sdcard to see if it said the update was successful?
Text file said it was successful and I thought of the metal thing and powered it all down took it out into the yard sat it down and its still doing it. I attempted the IMU and Compass calibration and it wont respond!!!!
Okay then the only other thing I can think of is a bad compass from dji or your near something really magnetic or something is buried in the ground where your calibrating your compass!
Yes! Take the supplied micro USB cord and plug it into the gimble and then into the the inspire and turn on controller and then inspire and it will update it!
Make sure you erase the files on the card that shows up after each update! That will cause it to not update controller too!
I just got my Inspire and it will not do anything with the updated firmware.???? I have followed the latest videos and pdf's exactly. Extract to the MicroSD, install in camera, turn on only the Inspire, full battery and all it does is go to the standby actuation while moving the camera around half a time, does not do any firmware install at all. Yet, the TX, when turned on later, says it all needs the update. Bad bird; DOA?

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