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Jan 5, 2015
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I received my inspire 1 today after ordering directly from dji on dec 9. My question is i was looking through the apple app store to download the app and dont see anything. i have yet to read the documentation as i am at work right now but was just wondering if the app was live?

I look forward to trying this out. I have been flying and building rc helis, and planes for 15 years and have had two phantoms over the past few years.
Strange it worked for me when I first tried and its v0.9. Just tried again and I get the message "cannot download at this time"
I'm reposting this reply from another thread:

Gentlemen, a little careful reading on this forum and others would reveal that the iOS app has not been published yet on the Apple App Store. All iOS apps have to approved by Apple and downloaded from the official App Store. It is not ready yet, awaiting Apple approval to publish. DJI had to wait on Apple holiday break to submit production app for approval. The QR code that DJI erroneously published on the download page is for beta testers to have the ability on an ad hoc site to download beta versions of the app for testing. Anyone who has successfully downloaded the app from this ad hoc sit with a "poached" SN will find out that it is v 0.9, which implies beta stage. Several DJI Forum moderators have stated that the app will be up on the App Store "imminently," which I assume is in the next day or two. Hope that statement doesn't make an "***" out of me. :)
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I tried the app on my iPad said could not be loaded Headon

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I received my Inspire today, and loaded 0.9 per instructions from DJI online support. It loaded on my iPad without issues other than having to accept that it is from an untrusted developer (I do not have their certificate), and the persistent "Do you trust this device" when launching the app.

I really wish the official version in the Apple App store would pop up online. I am nervous to take her up on a beta app.

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