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New old member need help signing in.

Feb 24, 2022
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The last time I signed in was around 7-8 months ago under the name Expy. After buying a new computer and losing my auto sign in and of course password I tried to request new password today but got a message that that email doesnt exist. I can go back and verify old emails from this site to confirm that was the email on record. Simply, after going full blast into Drones my interest/priorities changed. I have sold my Inspire 2 and Inspire 1 Pro camera here on this site. I actually bought my Inspire 1 Pro on this site which I'm now ready to sell the last bit of the setup. Is there a way to contact an administrator to get me logged back in on the old name? By the way, my new "hobby" is cyrpto mining and that has had more ups and downs than the drone!!! Thank You.
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I can still see all of my old post as Expy. Bailey was just a puppy back then. She has grown!


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Mods fixed me up, Excellent support!
I have over 200 accounts from eBay to Adobe to Linksys to my banks to Google, Brave, LBRY, Vimeo, Rumble, YouTube, InspirePilots, PhantomPilots, MavicPilots, FPVPilots and on and on. I don't allow my browsers to remember sensitive account passwords like my bank, for instance. I manually type Username and Password every time. In 20 years I haven't lost a single password because I have all the passwords in a digital file that is backed up on 5 systems and 2 thumb drives. For security, I use my own encryption algorithm which nobody can crack. For example, if my password is "fido," I list it as "dog." The clue/hint follows the case of the actual word. So "Fido" would be "Dog" and on and on. I have several encryption hints I use to link to different passwords. This allows me to store all my passwords in places I would normally not trust with plain text passwords, like Google Drive, for instance. Even the Passwords filename is in code.

I would say at least 20% of my computer business is based on lost or forgotten passwords. It's a common problem.

Good luck.

I now use a series 5 yubi key. It been very secure for cyrpto mining, so far. It works on my Desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone.
I do like your own encryption algorithm idea though.
I now use a series 5 yubi key. It been very secure for cyrpto mining, so far. It works on my Desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone.
I do like your own encryption algorithm idea though.
My girlfriend uses DashLane and has no end of problems with it. To make things worse, she refuses to memorize any of her credentials. Changing account credentials is a PITA and becomes risky business. The same can't be said for just writing stuff down.

What if you lose the key? What if the key fails? What if someone else gets their hands on your key? I could literally print up a copy of all my credentials and not a single person on the planet could figure out my encryption algorithm. If I need a credential someone on the road or whatever I can simply log into my Google Drive account and gain access to my credentials. Someone could be looking right over my shoulder and they wouldn't have a clue what they were looking at. Just sayin'....

Funny...in this "what if" society we live in where people will embrace "What if that drone falls 400' onto a child's head???" But will dismiss, "What if you lose that YubiKey???" Strange times.


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