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Parachute and orientation of Inspire 1

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Discussion' started by elvisdk, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. elvisdk

    Mar 30, 2016
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    Hey all.

    I got a DJI Inspire 1 and am about to buy a parachute for it.
    Been looking at the Mars 58 V2 with MAYDAY module.

    After seing a video on youtube and how the drone is levelled when the parachute is deployed, i see that the drone hits the ground with the camera first.

    I would prefer if it hit the nose first and possibly only destroying or cracking the nose dome.
    It should be an easy fix to route the kevlar strings in such a way that the nose points downwards when the parachute is deployed. Maybe fix the string through an eye under the parachute mount.

    What do u guys think ?

    Best regards
  2. P.A.Treffers

    Apr 3, 2016
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    I got no Mars 85 but the opale-paramodels system the same thing was going on in my head specialy with a expensive x5 gimbal hanging under my inspire

    So i this a miner chance let the cord this way
  3. afx


    Sep 29, 2014
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    Here's the parachute module common to Opale but some design is different, and price is more sweet.
    Parachute ejection module INSPIRE 1

    To avoid X5 touching the ground you have to connect the parachute rope to the bottom side of your I1. Then it will land upside down and the gimbal will be saved.

    As for automatic crash detection system, take a look at Stop Fall. It's just released and have many features which are better than same devices on the market have. Here's a part of description:

    Technical specifications:
    - crash detection in any position of Stop Fall, even it's rolling around itself
    - no need to calibrate before flight, it will do everything by itself
    - you can install Stop Fall in any place in any position, not only flat or 90 degrees to the ground
    - fall detection within 1 second, ideally to avoid false parachute activations because of sudden wind or extreme turns
    - ability to activate Stop Fall manually from free stick on you RC
    - complete standalone system if powered with 5-24V (2-6S) battery
    - sound alarm and led indicators
    - minimal weight and dimensions
    - smart designed box can be installed to many places without taking much space
    - PC communication to get reports after crash

    Photos are here: Stop Fall, Automatic crash detection and parachute deployment system.

    And some video is here from test flights