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Philippines Law on UAV - Clarified..

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Discussion' started by reyh, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. reyh

    Jun 24, 2015
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    Just got a reply from Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for those who are wondering..This should be clear now..

    Dear Mr. Hernandez:

    This is with reference to your e-mail dated 29 June 2015 regarding inquiry for the regulations in operating a UAV for sports and recreational purposes.
    The existing regulations on UAVs are applicable to large UAVs only (100kgs [rotorcraft] and above 150kgs [airplane]) and all UAVs used for commercial operations. Thus, small and private UAVs need not be registered with this Authority. If your UAV is a large UAV, the same must be registered. However, guidelines regulating small and private UAV are now being crafted and will be released by 4th quarter of this year.
    The following provisions of the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations Part 11.11 shall be observed when operating a UAV: OPERATION NEAR PEOPLE
    a)Subject to paragraph (b) and (c), a person shall not operate a UAV within 30 meters of a person who is not directly associated with the operation of the UAV.
    b)Paragraph (a) does not apply in relation to a person who stands behind the UAV while it is taking off.
    c)Paragraph (a) also does not prevent the operation of a UAV airship within 30 meters of a person if the airship approaches no closer to the person than 10 meters horizontally and 30ft vertically. UAV AREAS OF OPERATION
    (a)No person may operate UAV beyond the following envelope unless prior approval has been granted by the Authority:
    (1)400ft Above Ground Level (AGL);
    (2)10 km radius from the Aerodrome Reference Point (ARP); and
    (b)The UAV shall stay clear of populated area unless prior approval has been granted by the Authority.
    (c)No person may operate a large and small UAV in a controlled airspace unless a prior certificate of Waiver is issued by the Authority.

    Such requirements are based on imminent safety and security concerns which this Authority is mandated to protect for the interest of the greater public.
    The operation of a UAV may be allowed in a private open field provided that the UAV stays away from populated areas. In addition thereto, the controller of the UAV needs to acquire a UAV Controller Certificate of Authorization prior to operation of any UAV unit.
    Should you have further inquiries, you may call the Regulatory Standards Department, Flight Standards Inspectorate Service, this Authority, at Tel. No.: (02) 879-9227.

    Very truly yours,
    Administrative Assistant II
    Regulatory Standards Development Division
    RSD - FSIS
    Tel No.: (02) 879-9211
  2. MattRCGeeks

    Jul 24, 2015
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    Really useful information to have there. In the UK it's a minimum distance of 50 meters from and person, building, or vehicle :(