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Picking the correct Zenmuse camera for mapping with the 210

Jan 10, 2019
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Hi all,

Just wanted to throw this question out there and get feedback on what the best camera platform for mapping is. Our department is purchasing a Matrice 210 and I am trying to decide between the Zenmuse x4s and x5s cameras. I have read that there can be some problems arise when using a camera with a rolling shutter (x5s) as compared to the mechanical shutter (x4s). We use Pix4D mapper to process the images that we capture, and I read an article from 2016 that stated there was a function within the software that corrected for the rolling shutter. We want to make sure that we purchase the best camera platform that will allow us to produce the best imagery possible. Any and all information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, we run a M210RTK for mapping when it call for it and we use a x4s with excellent results.
Hi, we run a M210RTK for mapping when it call for it and we use a x4s with excellent results.
Can you post some images please mate as would like to see, we also have the 210rtk but have no idea on the mapping yet, have a guy on a course next month. Thanks in advance!
Hi, we run a M210RTK for mapping when it call for it and we use a x4s with excellent results.
I see that the x4s is regarded as the better option for mapping when compared to the x5s, but I keep finding that the x4s has been discontinued. This is not good news if they do not have a substitute in line that can be flown on the Matrice 210 and still get quality images without distortion and focus problems like I have read about with the x5s.
the x4s has been discontinued
We found a vendor that still had a healthy supply, but a couple of others were out and couldn't fulfill our request, unfortunately. The main benefit is the mechanical shutter in the X4S vs the rolling shutter in the X5S. I would go with an X5S if we were strictly using it for filming though. Then again, I probably wouldn't get an M200 if we were only filming...
We agree the X4S is a very good mapping camera for the drones it works on (M200, M210 and Inspire 2). If you can live with a little rolling shutter on the X5S there are some advantages on being able to choose your lens. We have done a decent amount of mapping work using an X5S and a 25mm lens in order to get a GSD of less than 1cm per pixel at 200 feet. If your need to combat some motion blur induced with rolling shutter you can speed up the shutter (using ISO and Aperture) and also slow down your flight speed. If you have the flexibility with your altitude and GSD requirements the X4S is an excellent mapping camera - but the X5S does have some advantages as well.

For those looking for an X4S, we also made a large purchase of them when they were announced EOL (end of life) by DJI. We have been holding a number of them for public safety bids we have out and open RFPs - but now we believe we are nearing the end of fulfilling those last orders and have some available for purchase if you need one.
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If you can live with a little rolling shutter
We're using this in conjunction with an aftermarket PPK system that relies on a calibrated camera and lens, so a global shutter is out for us. If anyone is considering the addition of something like this (Loki, Klau, etc.), then you'll want to have a mechanical shutter. Otherwise, most photogrammetry software can make some post-processing adjustments to account for the rolling shutter issue.
Hello. I just purchased the M210 V2 and I will be using the X4S for some mapping. What mapping app do you use with this combination. I see that the DJI Pilot app does not have the X4S as an option for the camera. If you're setting it up as a custom camera, what camera parameters are you using?

I know this is an old thread and everyone probably already knows, but the M210 V2/RTK has been optimized for the Zenmuse X7 with either 24 or 35 mm lens. It utilizes the time sync feature and mechanical shutter (plus super 35 sensor) to get the most accurate center point GPS data possible when mapping and for survey.

Runner up is X4s because of the mechanical shutter.

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