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post your furthest flight

[Quote = "turbodronepilot, post: 2903, medlem: 17127"] Hei pilots..just lurer på hva slags utvalg er mulig med en aksje inspire1 ?? [/ quote]

It's something I would not have researched. Because you're not interested in losing your inspire1. One must also be familiar with inspire1. you will be guaranteed to lose it ', or crash it. Visual contact with inspire1 and not fly high. Fly safely. Since I have these attitudes is well because I've never lost or crashed a drone
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Was the fpv still intact and clear? Ed, when these things reach range do they have an auto return function?

Cheers wiski

I assume so. I have not reached the limit of the unit and yes the signal was clear. I did have a few minor glitches as the lightbridge unit switched channels but nothing to be alarmed with. I will say you have to have some altitude to do these long flights. Less than 70+m will give you issues.
The best I can get is 500m out, flying at 400AGL. My P2 gets 1500M from the same spot. Something is wrong.

Here is a page that summarizes a test flight where the issue is occurring. I am uploading video now but YouTube is very slow. I have flown about 8 test flights from this spot.

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