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Problem loss of control dji inspire 1

Jan 5, 2021
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Hello ,
I'm posting a message because I'm asking for your help please.
it's been two times that I have my dji inhale 1 stolen, and that I lose control.
At the start of the flight, everything goes well, he responds to the commands, but at a distance of about 100 meters, the commands are reversed, he walks away on his own when I ask him, he goes right when I want him go left, step back when I want to bring it back.
luckily, I land them in an emergency without damage.
go down and up, its the only commands that answer.
I have no idea where the problem is coming from, and the flight log, which I would gladly post to you, does not indicate anything about the problem.
It sounds like you were using Home Lock with the Flight Mode switch in the F position. Refer to the manual under intelligent flight modes and IOC in the Appendix.

What you are describing is normal depending on the direction the Inspire is facing. If it is facing away from you then, Left, Right, Forward, and Backward stick movements will move the Inspire just like the stick. If the Inspire is facing you or the controller then the stick movements will be reversed, i.e. moving the stick forward will move the Inspire toward you, or what seems backwards. Moving the stick Left will move the Inspire Right, and so forth.
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