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RC beeping and disconnected

Jul 13, 2015
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So I have had the i1 since it released. I have run with dual remotes before and had no issue. Recently I have stumbled upon the dreaded "no signal" issue. Where I have control but no video feed. So I studied quite a few forum posts before posting this. I am attempting to switch my Master and slave RCs. But the Slave RC currently won't connect at all to my i1. As soon as it turns on, it will beep at me with a red flashing light for a bit. Then once it "connects" with my master RC it still has no connection to my device (iPhone 6 running 8.4, also iPad Air 2 with 8.4). Not sure how to try and test if it's my USB port that needs attention or if it's something entirely different. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. As I am about to lose trust in dji. The fact that we have spent so much money on this piece of equipment and with each "update" we lose something different that we all loved.
Two suggestions.
Remove the sd card and try without it fitted.
Inspect the two ribbon cables connecting to the gimbal for damage.
I think u are unclear as to my issue tho. Which I kinda went on a rant so it's understandable. I know that my only option left for this "no signal" issue, is to find a way to get an older version of the app again. My issue currently is that my slave RC is beeping with a red light and when connected to a device says it is "disconnected"
So does anybody just run a lcd monitor from the hdmi port? I hooked up my black pearl 7 in monitor the other night and was excited to see osd come up on the screen along with voltage and the nifty little home point diamond. Im thinking about running my nexus tablet and an lcd on one radio. I see a setting in the pilot app for that. If the tablet goes blank will the lcd display go out too? I have been hearing of tables shutting down due to over heating, but a lcd wouldnt. Thoughts??

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