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Remote Shuts off?

Jan 8, 2015
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Was flying yesterday and about 10 mins into flight my remote shuts off? Remote had full charge and had been in the house before flying.It was around 95 out. Anyways anyone having this issue?
The remote did not turn back on. So here is the rest of the story. Had Dynamic home point on and it's hot here in TX and was under a tree for shade when the remote **** it self and when the Inspire decided to come down it hit the tree and I was unable to catch it when it hit the ground. Broken arm and camera is broken. Guessing its my fault that I was under tree.
I'm in San Antonio and flew it 3 times today. This morning it was in the 80's (battery stayed in the 30sC), this afternoon it was low 90's (battery got to 44C), and this evenings flight it was 95F outside (battery got to 52C). During that time, I noticed that my Tx was getting hot on the back between the buttons, but it never got uncomfortable hot. Did you notice the outside temp, and how how was your battery and how hot was the Tx?

I might limit summer flights due to temperature.... This is also why I didn't fly my airplane below 5,000 ft without the A/C on...... 1 time in the VFR corridor over Houston made me realize that :)
Had Dynamic home point on

I know that it must be hard to read my well meant advice afterwards, with your bird already in pieces. And maybe you're already an experienced pilot with just an incredible bad luck.....But what I write here is also for other folks who might want to learn from others experience. A lot (if not most) of crashes happen while in forced RTH, so it's important enough.

Make a preflight check list (do it, really) and follow it to the letter. If you ever plan to use dynamic homepoint, have a flight plan or strategy, and follow that. Check the immediate surroundings before even thinking of using it.

Never stand under or close to anything or anybody with dyn. homepoint on. And always make sure the path to your dynamic or initial takeoff homepoint is clear (from all directions if possible). If the TX shuts off there's literally no way to set a new homepoint, and the bird will just fly to the last set homepoint, on the preset RTH height, regardless of structures, trees etc. If it wandered away because of a malfunction and it enters RTH, it might come from an entirely different direction then you anticipated it ever would, before take off. Remember, if RTH kicks in because of a malfunction, the bird will fly completely autonomously and it will crash into anything on it's path, unless you regain control somehow.

I always stay clear from overhanging roofs, balconies etc, and try not to stand under trees or close to walls, unless I set a hard homepoint somewhere in the clear. I always want a clear path to the homepoint, from any direction, just in case the unexpected happens. It is an important early step in my preflight check list. Unfortunately everything can fail and we have to be prepared for that, before every flight.

I never use dynamic homepoint because the TX GPS reception is poor most of the time. But it is in the checklist anyhow. The software might glitch unexpectedly and change the homepoint to dynamic in flight, one bad day, who knows.

And TX's always can fail unfortunately. I would definitely contact DJI support in your case.
Is your remote back to normal after cooling down?

Really sorry for your damage, this is something you just don't expect to happen.
But unfortunately, now you know you should, actually....

Thanks for sharing your misfortune anyhow. It's a lesson to most of us.
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Sent my I1 in to DJI and about 6 weeks later got a email saying that they are replacing my I1 as a one time courtesy to expedite the repair process your craft has been replaced with a new unit. What a relief that I did not have to shell out a bunch of money.
I know it was a while ago, but can you recall when you had charged your TX last? You said "remote had full charge". Does that mean you just checked by pressing the power button once and all LED lights came on? Or you had actually fully charged the remote before that flight?
had you previously stored it unused for a long time fully charged or fully discharged? it contains a regular non-smart lipo battery and doing so will ruin it. Read another thread about a guy who did this, stored it fully charged and his remote died too. He opened it up and the battery had burst. Fortunately for most people i think its fairly easy to find a similar aftermarket battery and replace it yourself so you dont have to send it in and wait 2 months for dji to do it if youre inspire doesnt crash as a result of it and all you need is a new battery in the remote anyway.

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