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Should I be using Litchi?

Jul 8, 2023
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Hello everyone! I have never used Litchi, but have read about tons of people using it. I'm a part 107 operator, currently have been doing mostly creative content but am interested in what all I can do with my I2 and x7 with Cendence and Crystalsky.
Should I get Litchi? What kind of avenues does that offer that I can't do with the DJI software. I'm curious to learn more.
Been using for years great product. It tends to be a confidance generator. With some products I always worried if my dorne would not come back or go haywire. My favorite was Flight Plan for the Parrot Anafi Litchi is equal in all aspects.
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I kind of feel it's approaching end-of-life of. Been using it since Phantom 3 units. They dont seem to be supporting the 3 series of drones. Probably due to the lack of SDK availability. It used to be my go to app on a regular basis. Now I rarely, if ever, use it. However, the Go app is starting to be able to handle many tasks that they did not before in which Litchi filled in the gaps. My opinion; Litchi needs to really step up their game if they want to remain a driving force for quality drone apps.
Agreed however, If your using older gear it is a good solution. I doubt that DJI will release the necesary SDK to advance to new drones anytime soon (if at all)
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