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Slave Conundrum

May 5, 2015
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I have set up my Master and Slave controllers and everything is all well good, except for one thing. The joysticks do not control the gimbal. I have a video feed, I can control the cameras settings, I just can't control the gimbal, my master controller still has that function. My firmware updates were successful, I have the gimbal Operation Mode set to 'Free Mode'

Is there a setting I may have overlooked?
Check on the slave controller's app, click the transmitter icon and select custom (or mode 1 if you prefer). You should be able to drag and drop the function you want to assign to each stick direction. Hope this is all it is for you.
Also press the "request gimbal control" button in the app settings for the slave radio.
Thank you DustyVisor and Kilrah for your responses! I tried changing to a custom mode with no luck. Then I tried to 'request gimbal control' which proceeded to time out on me. Perhaps it is because I only have one iPad for the two controllers and cannot 'grant' control from the Master.

Thanks again,
Problem solved!

As I only have one iPad, I have to set up one then the other. I have done this several times without the master giving me the notification to grant the gimbal control to the slave but after a few attempts it finally did! and I'm off to the races.

Thanks again!

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