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Some pictures and videos from Bolivia

Look at all them people working hard in the fields and all you have to do is play with your copter, shame on you! :p

Just messing with ya, good job!
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Beautiful! Where in Bolivia are these taken? Is that some Cochabamba and some La Paz?
All of them are in Cochabamba, some of them are just a few miles out of the city. I'm glad you like them, and I'm also glad you actually know where Bolivia is! :)
A couple more from today. The day was perfect and the light was gorgeous. The only setback was the wind, I got scared a couple times but managed to keep everything balanced (luckily), the hardest part was the landing... I seriously don't recommend trying to land this thing when the wind is too strong.

Thank you all for the kind comments. DJI_0010.jpg DJI_0021.jpg pano2.jpg
Nice, I'd have sworn that was in Angola had you not mentioned - been in a very very similar place there, high altitude plateau with surrounding mountains and the same Christ... :)
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These images look great - have you worked on them in post production to stop the sky blowing out or shot them as HDRs

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Thank you!

Well, I took the pictures in DNG format and then processed them on Lightroom to achieve the final look. No HDR or bracketing involved. The camera had the ND filter on most of the time though.

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