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Stock to FPVLR to DBS antenna mod comparison.

Okay so if I fly the Inspire on single operator it will be ok but if I were to get 2 controllers would I need 3 amps I'm glad to hear the Phantom 4 will work with it that's awesome I asked Tony but he never got back to me about the fpv LR thanks for getting back to me I appreciate it

PM me if you need any parts / help / etc. or if you want the remote modded for you I can help you too.

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This one is my fav!! Especially if you plan on boosting it !! Shoot me a PM if you need one !


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Thank you. Someone did the dbs itelite to my controller and the left the right side stock antenna on I'm imagining it was to keep the 5.8g side . I should really open it up . I flew it last night notice some difference but got disconnected twice it moved a little an came back on . I then put it on my p4 an noticed quite a difference from stock . Only thing is it doesn't really work unless the battery for the boost is on ,if it's off it doesn't really create a signal.
Please attach photos. Do not turn the remote on unless you have the antenna connected. If booster is connected it must be powered. Where are you located ?

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DBS definitely. Fpvlr is garbage.

I am puzzled by this statement. At the beginning of this thread I posted a rather comprehensive comparison, and found little difference, although my personal preference was for the FPVLR. But both products performed well for me.

Anyway I was wondering if you could post your comparison data so we could compare notes?
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Very hard to beat the unboosted MaxxRange antenna. And if that isn't enough.. If you boost it.. Geeezzzzz !!!

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