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Strong interference

Aug 2, 2014
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Got up message on the go app. Strong interference, do not fly far away. Hold inspire1 near you. The message came when I was checking status in app.
Surely disturbances on the ground and in the air. otherwise work my inspire1 perfect

FW 1.3.0 Go APP 2.0
I see that message often before I fly but after I lock in the GPS for takeoff, it goes away. I'm still on the previous FW and old App since I'm on an Android device.
This maybe a solution.


I have not tested it yet but looks promissing
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Yeah first of all this was only a sidekick to DJI as they limited our channels, but from your picture I wonder you see the 32 channels in auto mode, i see the 32 channels only under custom? I did not try any custom channel setting now because I am nut sure its really better to choose a specific channel. Most safety and security for all would be if all 32 channels are used unter auto.
Note if UK (and possibly other European countries) you need to change iOS region to say US to unlock custom image transmission settings. Make sure you're not using an illegal frequency when doing this, though... otherwise setting stays on automatic.

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