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Tablet holder mod for Android tablets

Feb 9, 2015
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South Florida
So I did my part as a member of this forum, and spent several minutes searching for a thread on this before posting a new one. If there is a similar thread I didn't see it. Anyways, I thought I'd share some thoughts on the controller. First, us android tablet guys have charging ports and buttons on the side, making It tough to plug in while in the mount, and also keep the buttons away from the padded clamps. I also had to Dremel out a small section of plastic to fit the cable through. I also think the tablet holder should have something like the gopro tightening system, or a wing nut so you don't have to use a screwdriver to tighten the mount in the field everytime. The big tablet and image quality is amazing to use with the Inspire. I tried the ipad mini, and was left wanting the bigger screen again. Anyways, here's a few pics. Also, do you think the cable could cause interference by the antennas? I might run it under the tablet instead of under the controller, but then I'll have a lot more cable slack to zip tie up...


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Sigh... Yes, yes it is. Oh well, I'll just make this the slave when my other transmitter comes in Haha. I figured what the heck anyways what's that part possibly cost to replace. Anyways I didn't realize you could trim that much off the cable. Nice work... What do you do with all the excess slack on the cable? I have my cable run under the tablet instead of under the transmitter like in my pics, but don't know what to do with the slack. It'd be nice to find a coil style short cable to use.
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I was going to start a new thread but since what I bought, I consider a "mod", I thought I would add it to your mod thread sorry for run on sentence.....


^^ This fits really well. It is hard plastic but sized fairly well. However, I'm not convinced it won't want to slide off at some point so I will be adding some foam tape or something for a tighter fit. It also needs a strip of foam where it contacts the tablet. I like to be able to compress some of the foam and still get another click out of the ratchet so I know it has a firm grip. An old foam koozie worked great for the foam

I ordered 2 and they took about 2 weeks to receive in Ohio.


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Oh, and you are only allowed to buy one if you memorize that web address off by heart! :rolleyes:

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