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TB48 x 3 arrived.

That's great. .thought you were in Hong Kong. Haven't seen any US dealers with them yet..but maybe I missed it..
yes i am in hong kong. i ordered them from their site and when they are on the way, hk dealer told me they have them in stock. about 2 days ago, many dealers have batteries and 2nd remote control in stock.
i am not sure if its going to be expensive shipping from asia to usa. more batteries will arrive soon, it might be wiser to just wait a few more days for the dealer in your country to get stock.
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Are these batteries physically larger? Any pics of how they look in the inspire?
What flight time are you getting with the TB48's??

very mild wind, about 20degree C, sunny day. TB48 flew nonstop for 15:48, down to 28%, then low batt warning went on. i didnt use the batt flat coz i was flying where many trees around, didnt want the bird to go into auto home mode automatically, do i landed it myself early.
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