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Track a point

Jun 29, 2014
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Does the I1 currently have the ability to autonomously fly around a point (IE: statue) and have the camera remain fixed on that point during flight?
Does anyone know if that is a planned future firmware upgrade, along with "follow me"?
Nope...... That's what your thumbs are for.;)

No substitute for learning to fly your airframe without the nanny stabilisers.
I remember watching a video from DJI where they showed drawing a circle on the map in the app and then had the I1 fly that route. That functionality was one of the reasons I purchased it. Does that functionality not exist?
POI is planned for future versions of the firmware including Home Lock. Waypoints are not anticipated at this time.

+1 on POI. However, I'm REALLY hoping waypoints (aka Ground Station functionality) makes it in.

The BBC UK contacted me after seeing a video I made on New England Fall Foliage (using the Phantom 2/GP3 platform) and they want to do a piece on New England fall foliage as well and include Inspire-produced video footage. They want to be be able to fly the exact same route in the New Hampshire White Mountains at different times of year and stitch the video together so the seasons change as the flight progresses, etc. I can probably simulate this fairly closely by hand but waypoints / Ground Station functionality would be the ideal way to nail it. The deviances in flight path when done by hand will be much greater than a GPS route.

I'd pay extra for GS/Waypoint functionality (possibly an "In-App Purchase" to unlock it?).

I'm sure other use cases would really like this functionality as well (utility inspection, agriculture/farming, etc).
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For me too its VERY important. Between this forum and others there seems to be great interest for DJI Ground Station functionality for professional and survey use.

@Tahoe Ed, I am sure others here would agree: to ask you to make a request to the dev/firmware team that there is great and serious need for this functionality, and request a status on it and indeed give us a little more solid information than 'not anticipated at this time'. As its in the A2 it would seem that its not a mammoth task to port it to the Inspires FC.

I think as potential professional customers we are just trying to escalate this a bit. Thank you for considering this request.

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I still can not see why this wouldn't happen. Too many people looking for it and it is one of the great things about these more advanced quads, you do not need to be a pro-pilot to get great shots (it helps thought). It is not like they do not have experience in the subject. I like to fly manually anyway but this feature is neat when you want to film yourself doing activities.
Screenshot_2015-02-26-14-42-55.png I suggest reading into the ioc poi future updates. I saw something about flying around an object and maintaining camera lock, all autonomously
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