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Two months with the Inspire1

Honestly, I'm sick with jealousy.
And I will probably have to eat my props if you ever post such a clip again.

Man I enjoyed that. Very creative. Beautiful shots, stunning places.
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Loved the visual energy!! Makes you want to watch it. Thank you I enjoyed that. And I'm jealous of the locations you got to shot. :D
Very, very nice. Excellent photographic framing, lighting and content, good editing, good choice of music (which was not credited?), beautiful places, lots of action, people, scenery. Superb.

I need a Video editing software, what are your recomendations.

Depends on your OS, seemingly those on iOS use FX pro, on windows a mixture of Vegas, movie maker, cyberlink, coral etc there's loads, some free.

Personally I Abode premiere elements, more basic and easier to use than premiere pro. Works on Win and iOS.

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