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Two things of note...

Jul 23, 2014
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Howdy.... I'm a few flights in and just wondering if anyone has noticed similar items... My Inspire sometimes seem to have a very slow uncommanded yaw. This is even after calibrating. I'll get an inconsistent yaw to the left or right, very slow, but noticeable. Anyone seen that? Also, I notice that in GPS mode, when I center the sticks, the Inspire comes to quite an abrupt halt, leaning quite heavily in the other direction to cease movement. This is quite different from my Phantom that more gently stopped when the sticks were released in GPS mode. Is that normal? Does anyone else notice their Inspire trying a little too hard to come to a stop quickly? I think I prefer the Phantom which slowed a little more gracefully when the sticks were released. Again, in GPS mode, not Atti, of course...
Yes I sometimes find the Inspire is 'aggressive' - it almost tries too hard to do things. I think the props flying off issue was when the vehicle kept to an abrupt halt when the sticks bounced back to the centre. You can almost here the blades stop and then whirr up several thousand revs in a flash to stabilise. It sounds cool but having got used to the phantoms gentle way of stopping this almost feels like a tractor beam that put the brakes or got stuck inside a powerful magnet.
The yaw issue will be addressed in the next version of the firmware.

Try lowering the ATTI gains to 90 from 100 it calms things down.
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I will try that, thanks. I assume that even though it's called 'atti' gain, it'll work in GPS mode too...?


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