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Unusable footage in manual mode-iso 100/shutter 50 4k24fps

Feb 1, 2015
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Had a funny one this morning as I got up very early this morning for some filming(sunrise)

Filming 4k @24fps
shutter 50
iso 100
renaat nd filter 8

basically the view was so underexposed it was almost black.

Histogram way over to the left.

1.turn off/on
2.App on/off
3.Different lead from rc to tablet
4.Taking nd filter off and replacing with stock filter
5.No filter
6.Different battery
7.Checked gimbal connectors
8.Tablet brightness-long shot but going through things in a logical manner!!

On auto mode it adjusted perfectly(although unusable due to high iso etc etc)Camera could record and was fully functional in all respects other than not being able to view usable in manual mode my previous bomb proof settings

Still the same footage totally unusable.

Driving home going through things in my head I concluded it had to be the app.

Getting home I decided to conduct a process of elimantion as to what went on so I connected to my phone which also has the app on(I forgot phone as I stumbled out the door for early morning flight trying not to wake house!!) and voila normal function service resumed.

Logically I concluded it must be the app on my tablet so flashed up the tablet and voila normal function.

Totally at a lost. I love it when I do something wrong and I know WHY but now I am scratching my head and cannot workout what went wrong.

I left the Inspire in the boot of my car the previous night so all I had to do was get up and go. Do you think moisture got to it-it was a damp night.

Clutching at straws-any ideas?

Lastly not sure if this is a bug/operator error or the hand of god
Yes forgot to say I also tried camera reset.

Thanks for reply.

Posted to see if other guys had any workarounds.

As well as hopefully warning off guys so they do not start to question themselves.

Did camera reset fix the problem immediately?

Has it happened again?

I packed up travelled home then got the inspire out after a couple of cups of tea and a scratch of the head and it was ok after I reattached gimbal and fired it up.

Very strange.

Anyone else?
Ok further up date.

The initial problem I had returned when I flashed the inspire back up last night to test all was okay. Totally lost to cause.

Today spent about an hour at my local dealers who had never seen this before(who are totally bang on with after sale service-DJI Take note!!) and went through using different controllers with my i1 not working/my camera on different i1-working/different tablet with my i1-not working etc etc

Came to the conclusion camera was ok the fault lied within my i1.

Removed nose cone and all fittings where correctly secured just as I had checked in the field albeit with out removing nose cone.

Now here comes the "FIX". Unplug connectors and blast with compressed air then re attach. Bingo camera now working as it should.

Must have been something worked into a secure connector-go figure!!

The above has made me think.Mods can we have at the top of page stickie for just purely "fixes". I know we have bug report/search function but a simple crib card table format with symptoms-checks-fixes. Do-able? Easy to print off take with you flying?

Thanks to anyone who has helped me in the past on this forum. I like this forum as there is almost no BS and people post up lessons learnt the hard way so people can figure their way out of problems rather than toss and turn all night muttering drone,drone,drone,wibble

If it was easy it would not be worth it!!
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