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Useful website app for UAV operators

Thanks Editor.Every kind of info is usefull when I make plans to go out.
I also saw I have some changes to go out on Sunday.Finally! After this SH**T wheather from the last 8 days finally something to look for.
Definitely a useful tool! Thanks Editor. I also favorited UAV Forecast on Facebook. There you will find clear explanations posted on all of the parameters and settings for it. Even has some links on how some of the wind algorithms are calculated at elevation if you're curious to know.
Great tool, thanks for sharing that. Really handy that you can input your own parameters. It's gone straight onto my "favourites" bar! :)
Another excellent URL is the "Surface Elevation Tool" found by Michael Morris.
Solwise - Surface Elevation Tool

Drop two pins in on the google map and it returns the elevation between them, great for LOS.

Sorry I cannot find the sticky to post there (Editor!!!)
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