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Using return home on Dji Pilot app

Apr 20, 2015
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I am use to using iosd mini on my Phantom 2. If i wanted to go home i would just follow the arrow direction on my screen. When using Dji Pilot app, where do i see direction of my home?
The map displays a straight line from the home point to the I1. At any given time you can turn her around and follow the line back to the home point.
In the top right settings cog of the app, there's an option called "Show Flight Route"
I've always had this enabled so I'm not totally sure if it needs to be enabled or not. I'd say the straight line will always be there and the above option will enable a track of exactly where you've flown.
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Home point is set automatically and it'll be verbally said by the app on take off. You'll see a blue circle in the map. Always good to calibrate the compass when flying in a new area and cache the maps then kill the cellular signal on the screening device or kill wifi once cached.

It's a good idea to have a pre flight check list and an after flight check list.
I don't need Internet connection when using my iPad outside, right?
No but it'll need an internet connection for map caching. You can always cache maps at home if you're not wanting to fiddle around whilst in the feild. But remember to kill wifi or cellular once ready to start up.
Ok just so I indedst correctly. I have a wifi IPad so no internet outside, so will I be able to fly without internet, will the maps be showing me the drone and the flight line? The only way I can get internet outside is to connect to my cell via Bluetooth
What does it mean map cashing?
You need to connect to the internet for the map to load either at home and scrolling the map to the location you're going to fly in, or on the spot.
So if I load the map at home and then go outside and fly, will it work? Or should I just connect the iPad to my cell phone internet via hotspot
When you say cached the maps you mean once I use internet at home, then when I go outside I no longer need internet?
Also, the radar display bottom left shows orientation to home point. Turn so the nose on the display is facing the centre point on the radar and you are facing home.
Just did my 1st flight... Which screen shows my track/white line so i know how to get home? I click on the camera icon, that shows me what camera sees, then if i switch to the square at the bottom left, that just shows map

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