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video format

Nov 26, 2014
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can anyone shed some light on the video from the inspire camera,it is not easily put into a utube because of the format,and when i convert it looses quality.
I was usuing pinnacle 16 to import and then export to a mpeg4 for windows movie maker
Would like to hear how people are handling the files
I am also finding the video does not stay recording the whole flight but i may have tried taking a few stills...
that would probably interrupt the video recording and need to be re-started
here is a short one converted
I'd suggest you to buy Adobe Premiere Pro. Cost a few bucks a month or some more if you pay for a full year.
Beginner friendly for basic editing, and and can also do really advanced stuff. totally worth it.

I think if the videofeel go over 4GB +-, it will stop and start on a new videofile, so you can't film forever as far as i know :)
Wood Man, just my opinion, but I think buying Premiere for a beginning hobbyists is like buying a battleship to go fishing. Google "video editing software" and learn what else is available. More than likely you'll find something more suited to your needs and budget.

EDIT: Just found Adobe Premiere Elements 13: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere-elements.html This will be a better fit to start with and MSRP is only $79.

Also, you can get it for either PC or Mac from Amazon for $69.00.
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thanks a lot ,its not the cost of premiere pro its the degree you need to run it,i'll try elements 13
I looked at premiere and its hard but its the best right up with final cut pro on the mac
and the mac handles the video better than any PC
My MBPr with an i7 and 8GB RAM, didn't handle the 4K video that good..

I´m using my PC that I built myself, and it´s like cutting in butter.
It´s nice when the computer doesn´t hesitate a thing, whatever you throw at it.
My Macbook pro also plays the videofiles a lot easier than my desktop PC.

Gotta upgrade my desktop soon, but after using my Macbook for a little while, kinda like the OSX system a lill better than Windows, sadly.

At least for video editing \ websurfing. and 4K display on my mac compared to 2560x1080 on my desktop. Oh well. vication money and tax money back soon :p
My wife has already decided what tax money should go.. :confused: So I intend to sell my other two drones and then upgrade to the new X99.
8 core i7, 32GB DDR4 and a Titan X. :)
I don't play much PC games, so a Titan X would be waste of money for my use.
Will probably buy something that is made for mainly video editing. time will tell :)
Me too kind of, but as i work as a PC technician, it's get a bit much.
These days it's mostly drones and 3D printing. I do sit on my PC a lot still though, but not as much "modification" and stuff like earlier :)
Just kidding, it's the same for me, but when it comes to photography.

Now when I worked as a photographer for many years, it feels just a pain to take photos private, even on holidays.
It's my wife who stands for photographing at home or on vacations.

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