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Video lag

Apr 20, 2015
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no matter what I do, I have some video lag/freezing. I have Hardware decode On, all the apps on IPad air is closed, nothing working in backround, Ipad is on airplane mode. Not too bad but there is a lag, especially when I turn the I1. Can it be my IPad Air is not fast enough and I need IPad Air 2 with faster processor? Can it be the sd card that came with Inspire? Any ideas
I have the same on an ipad mini 3,
I had read that it was good enough, only the air 2 has a faster processor, so I hope that there is a different problem, i dotn see it being the processor.

I posted on a different thread about it, but basically, I hooked up a HD tv to the second controller, and there was ZERO lag.....
Ok I'll try it with my iPhone 6 plus has A8 chip just like IPad Air 2
I had the iPad Mini 3 and there was some lag. So that gave me the excuse to get a iPad Air 2 with cell service. No lag now but I do restart iPad every time I fly.
I have lag even with 1080 p 50fps.
i generally have lag right as the camera boots, then it clears up, and its a lottery as to whether it comes back or not.

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