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Video Location Intro

Apr 13, 2015
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Dublin, Ireland
I'm currently waiting on my Inspire to arrive and am playing around with a location intro for the videos I plan to do(My Phantoms are grounded so no flying for me until my new toy arrives). What I want is a brief earth zoom to the location of the video and then the video plays. Now, what I don't want is an overindulgent and long intro (a lot of people make this mistake).

Below is a rough version of what I plan to do. At the end is a still picture, but the final version would be the video playing and then filling the whole screen.
Now this is obviously not for professional use and just something I think would be nice in front of my personal videos as I plan to travel a lot with the inspire.

My question, is it too long? Personally I think I need to shave about 5-7 seconds off it.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

I have been thinking about doing this. great job man! I have been too busy to work on it but you nailed it. My thoughts for shortening it are.... start with the earth in the center @:03 seconds and end at around :15 = 12 second into!
Yes I think about 12 seconds is the way to go. Will have a go later tonight.

Lots of tutorials on how to do this on Google and some sample project files as well that helped me get it setup quickly.

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