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Is there a follow me mode? Or are you just in the boat, controlling it?

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I'm in the boat, single operator. I was shaking I was so nervous about dropping it in the lake. That was my first time.

It was in 4k I believe. The YouTube video player doesn't usually default to that setting though. Everything else was Auto. I did have the dark included ND filter on it.

He was skiing at 34 mph. Just at the limit it seems while in gps mode. I tried in Atti with pretty good results. But was navigate the drone while fpv on the iPad so I got nervous and went back to gps.
I took off the first flight from a swim platform. I tried on the ski boat, but it didn't like the compass moving around. The next flight I took off from the boat, engine cover, and both landings were on the boats engine cover as well. You can see the landing the last 30 seconds or so in the video. Wake boarding and trick skiing coming soon:)
Also I didn't do anything with the homepoint. Probably should have, but the area is either water, or trees. So either way I was screwed if something happened.

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