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What are downsides of not buying licenses and SSD?

Jan 29, 2017
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The X5s FAQ says only:

5. What storage devices does the Zenmuse X5S support?
Micro SD card and DJI CINESSD. A Micro SD card is required for image capture, while the CINESSD is necessary only for high-end productions requiring specific video formats.​

I don't mind converting footage into ProRes in post, and I don't need 5K.

I sometimes like to shoot 4K 60fps, which appears to be available in H.264 (which I assume can be recorded to MicroSD).

So whatever capabilities are lost if you record to MicroSD? Any downsides to solely using MicroSD?

Thank you.
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From the information provided it sounds like you do not need the Premium Combo with the licenses.

H.264 can be recorded with a Micro SD. Going with no licenses you lose the ability to shoot 5.2K and recording in CinemaDNG and directly in Apple ProRes.
Thank you @Advexure. I'm wondering if the devil's in the details, though. For example, H.264 appears to be a less robust format than H.265. And the latter doesn't offer a 4K 60fps mode.
For that matter, it doesn't look like the ProRes license gives you 4K 60fps.

So are the only benefits of the ProRes license access to 5K and having ready-to-edit-in-FCPX footage?

I'm wondering if either of the licenses and SSD kit give you higher bitrate recording capabilities in HD and 4K.

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