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Where did you buy your i1 from?


May 9, 2015
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I want to buy an i1 Model: d with both controllers. Where would you recommend I purchase through? DJI directly or Amazon? Also:

1) Any recommendations for insuring the i1?

2) Is a case upgrade necessary if I don't plan on traveling via airplanes relatively soon?

3) How many batteries is necessary for 45-60 minutes of flying? I'm guessing 4-5? 17*5=85 minutes of total flying time, but that's in ideal conditions.

4) Is there a mod (modifying/hacking/creating) (-moderators) group in these forums? I'm more of a hardware guy but would like to chat with software experienced pilots.

5) Video editing software recommendation(windows)?

6) Any other software recommendations? iOS, PC?

7) Of the recommended tablets which do you like best?

8) Any upgrades or other necessary accessories?
Hey sky!!
Welcome to the forum!!
I'd say copter shop is a great place to buy from..
They sell on Amazon and if you buy direct they honor the same warranty and return policy ...
Do a search for crash insurance and liability insurance ..there's a lot of information in those threads..
No need for a better case unless you feel the need ..
The stock case is adequate IMO..
I'd say you need 5 or 6 batteries..I don't get the flight times most say ..
Probably because I fly aggressively..
Not many hackers on this site that I know of,but there are several very bright software types..try the editor ,kilrah,quad pilot,damoncooper those are the guys that are the most technical IMO that frequent the site regularly..
Don't know about editing ..do a search..
I prefer the nvidia shield but I'm guessing you're a iOS guy so the I pad air 2 is the most popular...
Definitely use a screen recording device like the mobizen app or the shou app every time you fly..
Also get at least one tracker like a rf-v16 and for redundancy a Marco polo rc tracker..
I recently had a flyaway and my tk102 failed and I wasn't in range of my locator 8 so nothing worked except my screen recorder..
My latest idea is to have a mini strobe on board to use if the trackers fail
then I could fly over with another drone and look for the strobe..
Ive done this before when I lost a dromida..
Hope to see you up in the air soon!!
Hello Sky,

Our company founder is a professional film editor. He recommends Final Cut Pro (IOS), Avid Media Composer (IOS, Windows) and Adobe Premiere (IOS, Windows). Those are the 3 editing programs used by virtually all pros. If you are learning to edit an intermediary step would be iMovie (IOS).
Copter Shop for sure. Also at least 2-TB48 (5700 mah) Extra batteries, higher capacity micro SD card (rated U1 or 10), extra props, locks/adapters, maybe an extra charger...and IMO the iPad mini works great (mini 3). Needed accesories later will include a sunshade for your chosen screen type, a shorter cable that runs from RC to screen. I think most owners are now preferring the 1- remote version since it'll due everything the dual one will do. That is unless you're using it for detailed professional photography and have someone dedicated and knowledgable enough to run the camera side consistently. Just an opinion based on going crazy with upgrades on 3-phantoms, s-1000, F-550 (650 now), and the I1 for past 3-months. I1 is by far the best overall of course.
I purchased all of my equipment from AMain.com. They have a couple people that have been great in helping me with set up/tips/tricks. Derrick is the main guy and uses the inspire for their event videos and things. I received it within a day and they have a ton of it in stock.
COPTERSHOP straight forward NO BS I was on a 2 month wait got screwed around called COPTERSHOP 3 days later it was on my door step they were extremely scarce at that point guys had been waititing already shelled the cash out since November and 1 phone call and it was shipped out within 2hrs that's the only place I wld deal with many wld agree

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