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Why is DJI making us use a Serial # to get the APP?

Jan 6, 2015
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Why is DJI making us use a Serial # to get the APP?

I for one would like to play with the simulator while I wait for the DJI.
Simulator uses your inspire and controller for the sim so no controller or inspire no sim.
Took first flight 10 mins ago without camera.
Starts up quieter than phantom (more low hum than high pitch spaceship)
Once in air its a bit louder, more like a machine.
Was very windy and cold but kept stable.
Looks huge in the air compared to phantom.
Just landed and took off and hovered a few times and I'm back home.
Playing w simulator now cause I forgot to check it out. It is helpful to fly using the "home point" you start from, guess I gotta play more. Unless this is it and it bores me as I am proficient w over a year on phantom...
Actually I'm trying to make a hard landing on simulator and it says "landing gear lowered" hmmm, wonder if it comes down automatically when it "thinks" you're trying to land... Or just a computers way of not allowing copter carnage
ya.. from what i read the landing gear comes down automatically when you reach a specific height from the ground. sounds awesome.. mine has shipped and should be here next week.
This has been discussed a lot in other threads. It's a temporary workaround that's in place until Apple approves the App in the App Store.

<Slaps forehead> I guess DJI didn't have enough lead time to submit the app to Apple. Maybe they shouldn't have released the product to users so quickly. Oh, wait...
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